Ford Kuga/Escape PHEV Sales Halted For Fire Risk: Owners Told Not To Charge

3 years, 8 months ago - 12 August 2020, InsideEVs
Ford Kuga/Escape PHEV Sales Halted For Fire Risk: Owners Told Not To Charge
Owners of vehicles produced before June 26, 2020 should not charge their batteries.

In the US, you know it as Escape PHEV. In Europe, it is called Kuga PHEV. Regardless of how you call this car, Ford halted the sales of part of these vehicles due to fire risks. Apart from stop selling it, the company asked owners not to charge them until a solution is provided, informs Autocar.

Ford estimates at least 26,000 units of the Kuga/Escape PHEV are affected by the issue, which does not have an official explanation at the moment. Although Autocar reported the problem in the morning in Europe, the company has still not provided a complete report about it. All units produced before June 26, 2020, had their sales halted, which implies Ford already identified what the issue is.

What we know at this point is that there were four fires so far, but Ford wants to avoid any other cases. If you are aware of any fires involving the Kuga or the Escape in plug-in hybrid guise, please get in touch through or our Facebook page.

Half of all Kugas sold in Europe in H1 2020 were PHEVs. With this issue, it is not unlikely people will be more cautious in adopting the plug-in hybrid. It is vital to have in mind that Ford is betting big on PHEVs and electric cars, such as the Mach-E. Could the battery issue also affect other vehicles?

Any image damage at this point could harm the reputation of other Ford vehicles, but the company seems to have been fast in trying to get it sorted. We will only be sure about it when we learn about the fires and if other customers have been affected.

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