Electric Abarth Leaks Again, Sporty New Fiat 500e Plays Nice With a Stelvio QV

1 year, 3 months ago - 13 November 2022, autoevolution
Electric Abarth Leaks Again, Sporty New Fiat 500e Plays Nice With a Stelvio QV
Another day, another automotive industry’s fresh model leaked. This time around, it’s a second look at the first-ever fully electric sporty city car from Abarth, a remastered Fiat New 500e.

Alongside Lancia, Abarth is preparing – after it thoroughly updated the regular ICE-powered range – to enter the novel, silent era of the EV revolution. And while the Italian sibling from Stellantis has prepared the Lancia Design Day for November 28th with a preview of three future models, the sporty Abarth brand is a little more restrained.

As such, on November 22nd, they will unveil (at a gala event) their first-ever fully electric car. Naturally, everyone expects the battery-powered sporty city car to continue to piggyback on the base of the iconic Fiat 500. This time around, the template was – of course – the company’s New 500 EV, aka the 500e. Plus, there’s unofficial confirmation that will surely be the case, for a second time.

Not long ago a media outlet leaked online a singular front POV mug shot with a neon green example inside what looked like a production facility. Now, courtesy of the exclusive preview from the video content creator better known as carzturbo on social media, we can further check out the Abarth EV, and in full glory.

Quite obviously, judging by the attached photos and the video embedded below, the electric Abarth was captured while filming for a video presentation or commercial inside a sprawling city. Interestingly, the near-silent sporty city car was accompanied by a decidedly cool camera car – a posh compact crossover SUV from the Stellantis stable.

That is a very dark and menacing, Satin Black Alfa Romeo Stelvio – and judging by the details, such as the fender badges or the massive wheels with crimson brake calipers, we are dealing with the feisty, twin-turbo V6-powered Quadrifoglio. By the way, the latter can go all the way up to 513 hp when optioned as the QV Racing special edition!

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