Cupra to launch larger premium EVs from 2028

1 year, 3 months ago - 23 March 2023, autocar
Cupra to launch larger premium EVs from 2028
Larger models will be based on Volkswagen Group's SSP platform, targeting North American market

Cupra is readying a mix of larger vehicles to target the North American market as it looks to grow its global presence.

These were confirmed by CEO Wayne Griffiths to ride on the Volkswagen Group’s SSP platform, which is effectively a fusion of the MEB and the PPE.

They will arrive towards the end of the decade, given that the SSP platform isn’t due until 2028 at the earliest.

They will be electrically powered, as Cupra “will not be looking to go to America with combustion cars”, Griffiths said. The Spanish brand’s last ICE car will be the Terramar SUV, due in 2024.

A near-2030 estimate for its North American push was again backed by Griffiths, who confirmed entrance into the market “will be linked to the timetable of Cupra becoming a fully electric brand”. This has already been cited as “by 2030”.

Speaking about the plans, Griffiths said: “We're currently testing the brand there. We think Americans will love Cupra’s design and performance.”

Asked why it can’t head over now with the Volkswagen ID 3-based Born, he said: “You need a car in the US that's fit for the US and electric. A US electric car is generally bigger, so it will be a next generation of electric cars that would be based on the SSP platform from VW. So in terms of technology, there's a timing aspect, and the other aspect is that we have to afford to do it.

"The investments for making cars ready for America are considerable, and I think we need to be stronger first in Europe and make sure we’ve done our homework. 

We [need to] have that 3-4% of market share before we start looking for new markets. So our priority will be to get Cupra up and running first in Europe. The US story is still very early days.

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