Classic Range Rover Restomod Will Make You Forget About The New One

2 years, 8 months ago - 26 October 2021, motor1
Classic Range Rover Restomod Will Make You Forget About The New One
If you can afford it.

Few vehicles are as revered as the classic Range Rover. As such, few vehicles are the subject of modernized rebuilds as these beloved off-roaders. UK-based Kingsley Cars is well-versed in reviving old Range Rovers, but the company has grown more ambitious with its latest offering. You can now get a classic two-door or four-door model that's restored, modernized, and compliant with London's Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).

That's why Kingsley Cars calls its new lineup the ULEZ Reborn Range Rover Classic. It's not exactly a flattering name, but it accurately conveys what this new-old off-roader is all about. Vehicles are completely stripped and rebuilt, including fresh welds and all kinds of mitigation to keep the body free of rust and corrosion. A modern 4.0-liter fuel-injected V8 producing a modest 220 horsepower (164 kilowatts) is offered, or for more power, a 4.6-liter mill making 270 hp (201 kW) is available. Both are connected to a ZF four-speed automatic transmission and a rebuilt transfer case from Borg Warner.

Outside, the vintage Land Rover looks gloriously old-school but things are a bit different inside. The interior is obviously revamped with new materials, but modern technology such as parking sensors, reverse cameras, wireless phone chargers, and Apple CarPlay integration is available. All models come with heated seats and power windows, and for additional performance, specialized suspension components with big brakes and LED lights are offered. Electric power steering is even an option.

Kingsley Cars doesn't offer details on the Range Rover's emissions, but to operate in London's ULEZ without penalty, a vehicle must meet Euro 4 emission standards for gasoline engines or Euro 6 for diesel. With the recent ULEZ expansion around London, Kingsley Cars offers its restomod Range Rovers as a solution for residents in and around the city who wish to enjoy all the charm of the classic off-roader without incurring daily fees.

As you might imagine, such modernization does come at quite a cost. The Kingsley Cars ULEZ Reborn Range Rover Classic starts at €125,000. That equals approximately $172,000 at current conversion rates, which is nearly double the price of a new model. You'll also need patience if you pull the trigger on a purchase, as build times are approximately 6-8 months after an order is placed.

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