Classic Land Rover Defender Raises Its Roof As Compact Camper

3 years, 4 months ago - 4 January 2021, motor1
Classic Land Rover Defender Raises Its Roof As Compact Camper
The interior is very impressive, including lots of attractive wood finishes.

The Land Rover Defender is like Europe's version of the Jeep Wrangler in the US in that it's the go-to choice for creating an off-roader. There's a massive aftermarket, and the vehicle's relative simplicity makes creating home-made modifications easier. In this case, Felix Collier built his Defender as a rig to go into the wilderness and enjoy a luxurious interior upon reaching the destination.

"I built it simply because I love exploring! I like getting off the beaten track and away from the crowds and mainstream routes," Collier told "I enjoy nothing more than just jumping in the driver's seat in the morning and seeing where the day takes me."

Collier manages to pack a lot of amenities into this tiny footprint. Wood covers much of the interior including pine, sequoia for the worktop and backboard, and black Valchromat – a type of colored plywood that's moisture resistant and fire retardant.

A pop-up roof adds standing space to the rear of the cabin. For electricity, there is a 110 amp-hour battery with a CTEK charging system. A two-kilowatt diesel heater with a five-liter fuel tank keeps the cabin warm at night. Underfloor tool storage drawers add space to stow stuff. A foam mattress doubles both as a sitting space and somewhere to sleep.

On the outside, this Defender has a dark blue body with off-white stripes running along the sides. The roof rack can slide to make room for popping up the roof. A lifted suspension and BF Goodrich all-terrain tires handle rugged conditions. For extra off-road capability, there's a snorkel to increase the wading depth and a front skid plate for protecting the underbody.

Collier's rig is an impressive build, especially given its compact proportions. It looks perfect for exploring Great Britain.'

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