Chinese Manufacturer Zontes Has A New Maxi-Scooter Range For Europe

2 months, 1 week ago - 17 December 2023, rideapart
Chinese Manufacturer Zontes Has A New Maxi-Scooter Range For Europe
The 501 series of maxi-scooters offers impressive performance and lots of configurations to cater to various tastes and preferences.

Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Zontes has been occupying the beginner-friendly space, particularly in the European market, for some time now. At EICMA 2023, the brand showcased numerous new offerings, signifying its intention of branching out into the premium segment. Zontes seems to have a keen interest in the growing maxi-scooter segment, as evidenced by its recent launches, with the most premium of which being the 501 series.

Maxi-scooters have become a popular subsegment of the scooter world in recent years, as they offer the long-distance comfort and amenities of touring bikes, coupled with the practicality and ease-of-use of a scooter. This means that maxi-scooters are both excellent commuters around town, while at the same time capable long-distance two-wheelers for out of town trips. That being said, while many other high-capacity scooters opt to make use of twin-cylinder engines, Zontes has decided to stick to a single-cylinder engine.

With a displacement of 491cc, this liquid-cooled, fuel-injected unit will surely have some heavy counter balancers to reduce vibration. Nevertheless, it has a respectable power output of 35 kilowatts (47 horsepower) and 53 Nm (39 pound-feet) of torque. In the European market, where the scooter has been launched, it’s compliant with A2 licensing regulations, allowing both beginner and intermediate riders to swing a leg over this practical machine. Top speed is a claimed 175 kilometers per hour (108 miles per hour), and the scooter gets a rather large 17-liter fuel tank for extended range in between fill-ups.

Now, Zontes is offering the 501 range of maxi-scooters in a variety of flavors. The first of which is the 501E, which is an evolution of the smaller 350E designed as a GT maxi-scooter. The Zontes 501H, meanwhile, is the sportiest of the bunch featuring contoured lines and a minimalist accessory package. The 501K is technically similar to the 501E, but gets more rounded bodywork giving it a more streamlined appearance.

Last but not least, the 501G sets itself apart with an adventurous design complete with crash bars and wire-spoke wheels. It’s with the 501G that Zontes hopes to penetrate the growing adventure scooter segment, popularized by models like the Honda X-ADV and the recently launched Peugeot XP400.

As of this writing, Zontes has yet to announce pricing and availability of the new maxi-scooter lineup. However, judging from its previous models, chances are the new 501 series of maxi-scooters will be priced very competitively in comparison to its more established counterparts.

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