The Ceiling Is the Roof: Hyundai Santa Fe Cabriolet opens a sky of possibilities

4 years, 8 months ago - 13 September 2018, Autoblog
The Ceiling Is the Roof: Hyundai Santa Fe Cabriolet opens a sky of possibilities
It’s only a pre-production one-off for now

The Nissan CrossCabriolet might be a relic of the past, but its spirit continues to live on each and every time another manufacture builds a convertible SUV. It's a memory that just won't go away, no matter how much everybody tries. This time, it's Hyundai Australia that sent an out-of-the-blue reminder, showing off a chopped version of its new Santa Fe three-row utility vehicle.

The totally revamped Santa Fe debuted earlier this year and is starting to hit public roads with a much more aggressive and stylized exterior. One feature not on the order sheets, however, is a convertible top. That's because this is a one-off project car that is not legal to drive on normal streets.

This specific Santa Fe started its life as a pre-production ride used only for promotional purposes. The roof was removed for better access to take top-down photos of the interior, and this particular Santa Fe was set to be crushed at a later time. However, auto publication CarAdvice found out about the peculiarity and finessed Hyundai  into offering a test drive on a private closed circuit. Any impressions are for naught, however, considering the vehicle is not headed for production, and this Santa Fe was not set up to be driven.

That means the Land Rover Evoque remains the only drop-top high-top vehicle that is currently available for purchase. As a manufacturer that strictly makes utility vehicles, Land Rover is okay with creating SUVs with less practicality, like the convertible Evoque and the coupe-like Velar, to offer some variety. Or, for those feeling frisky, CrossCabriolets can easily be found for less than $20,000. The choice is yours.

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