BMW M3 Pickup Used To Tease Electrified M Model For 2021 Reveal?

3 years, 2 months ago - 7 December 2020, motor1
BMW M3 Pickup Used To Tease Electrified M Model For 2021 Reveal?
What are you up to, BMW?

YouTuber and partner “Remove Before Race” was invited by BMW to visit the fictional “M Town” on the set of a new marketing film released this week. Despite going by the nickname of “Mr AMG,” Raziz Roken Rehan was allowed to check out all the tasty M&M’s, as old as an E30 M3 and as new as the latest G80 M3.

He also probably took a peek at the first-ever M3 Touring featured in the ad, and there was yet another Easter Egg that BMW discreetly inserted. From the 9:57 mark, we’re being reminded the Bavarians built a one-off pickup truck based on the E92 M3 for April Fools’ Day back in 2011. It was used in the marketing film to deliver a charging station that just so happens to wear the “M Performance” branding.

We only get to see a section of the truck’s bed in the “M Town” clip, but Mr AMG was allowed to get up close and personal with the unique contraption. The decal on the passenger door likely suggests when the wraps are going to come off an electrified M car. While “2021” is obviously a reference to next year, “26” could represent week 26, in which case we should see the mysterious vehicle debut at any point between Monday, June 28 and Sunday, July 4, 2021.

Interestingly, the images released by BMW to accompany the press release about “M Town” show the E92 M3 ute with and without that side decal. As to which vehicle is being indirectly teased, your guess is as good as ours. Another piece of the puzzle is whether it will be a production car or a concept.

Although there are rumors of a plug-in hybrid X8 M with 750 horsepower on tap and a lesser X8 M45e M Performance model, we don't think the vehicle in question is related to BMW’s upcoming flagship SUV. Instead, we're leaning towards an i4 M version of some sort. The German luxury brand has already confirmed a go-faster i4 for 2021, so this could very well be it, likely called the i4 M50.

Regardless of the shape it will take, it’s a known fact sooner or later we will have M-branded PHEVs and EVs. In fact, a recent report says an electric M5 is planned with Bugatti Veyron-matching power.

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