All-New 2025 Jeep Cherokee Shows Everything From Inside Out, Albeit Only Digitally

2 months ago - 21 December 2023, autoevolution
All-New 2025 Jeep Cherokee Shows Everything From Inside Out, Albeit Only Digitally
Jeep, the legendary off-road brand, has been making some changes to its US roster recently. For example, they constantly upgrade some of the most essential nameplates while others will be discarded altogether.

This year, the marque has premiered two major facelifts – for the 2024 Wrangler starting at $31,995, which is way better than the 2024 Tacoma's $40,455 MSRP or 2024 Ford Bronco's new Big Bend base ($39,130). And there was also the 2024 Gladiator – which is still waiting for pricing details in the online configurator to see where it stands against the 2024 Tacoma, Colorado, Canyon, Ranger, Frontier, or Ridgeline foes.

That was not all, as Stellantis allowed Jeep to kill off the little $28,445 Renegade adventurer, effectively leaving the cheaper $25,900 Compass as the entry-level option for enthusiasts of Jeep crossovers. No worries, though, as more novelties are coming – including the all-new sixth-generation 2025 Cherokee if we are to believe the rumor mill and the imaginative realm of digital car content creators.

For example, after quite a lengthy hiatus in terms of future design projects, the good folks over at the AutoYa info channel on YouTube have allowed their satellite venue dubbed AutoYa Interior to perform a dissection on the 2025 Cherokee, and that's where all the (CGI) action occurs – both inside and outside. As always, the resident pixel master has not only prepared the unofficial design for the exterior of the Cherokee – complete with lots of ritzy color options. Instead, the CGI expert also focused on the cockpit of the all-new 2025 Cherokee.

Over there, we have encountered a string of trim and color choice options – including some wacky combinations even by the standards of the parallel universes of vehicular CGI. Of course, do take all these renderings with a healthy dose of salt, as nothing is official from Jeep yet. However, we expect the brand to continue its renewal with a new Cherokee and a Grand Cherokee refresh to ensure it regains some of the lost confidence across the US car market.

Moving on, we suspect that Jeep will try to reposition the next Cherokee a little better in the lineup – and by that, we mean it will hopefully be a little cheaper. Currently, there's a very odd situation in Jeep's lineup – the larger two-row Grand Cherokee starts from $36,495 for the 2024 model year, whereas the older 2023 model year Cherokee kicks off at $37,695. That's $1,200 more for a smaller vehicle, and it's pretty darn obvious why people aren't paying the extra bucks, right?

Additionally, we really hope that Stellantis will allow Jeep to bring the all-new 2025 or 2026 Cherokee to market with a 4xe plug-in hybrid option to join the current $50,695 Wrangler 4xe and $60,490 Grand Cherokee 4xe roster and maybe democratize the PHEVs a little bit with a starting MSRP around $40 to $45k!

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