Alfa Romeo EVs to switch to retro-inspired aero look

4 months, 4 weeks ago - 4 July 2023, autocar
Alfa Romeo EVs to switch to retro-inspired aero look
Jeep Avenger sibling, due in 2024, will be the first to adopt a low-drag ‘Coda Tronca’ tail

Alfa Romeo has given its biggest hint yet about the visual character of its next-generation all-electric line-up, the first model of which is set to arrive in 2024 as a compact SUV.

Alfa design boss Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos has revealed that his team has taken inspiration from his predecessors of the 1960s, and the ‘Coda Tronca’ - or ‘short tail’ - cars they created. 

These square-tailed cars were innovative designs of their time, the first of which were really the Giulia SZ and TZ of the early 1960s,” said Mesonero-Romanos.

“They followed the aerodynamic theories of Dr Kamm, of course, but Alfa’s own research was done in their development, with cars even having their bodies cut down at the side of the autostrada to see how much drag improvement could be made.”

Mesonero-Romanos added: “Our next-generation cars will bring back the Coda Tronca into a current design language - as a means to boost aerodynamic efficiency and range, of course, but also to give the cars a distinctive, classically Alfa Romeo design character.

This follows in the same path as brands like Hyundai, which has used retro styling to entice customers with its Hyundai Ioniq 5. 

But Alfa’s design boss warned: “We have to be careful how much inspiration we take from the past – as designers, a little like chefs, to mix classic ingredients into a ‘new sauce’ that today’s generation will respond to. But the Coda Tronca will be a useful ingredient for us, and you will see it on several future models.”

Alfa Romeo’s product plan is set to include several all-new models beyond its maiden compact EV. Among them are replacements for both the D-segment Giulia and Stelvio in 2025 and then an all-new E-segment crossover in 2026, which is expected to be important for the company’s growth beyond the European market.

The 2024 B-segment SUV, which will be twinned with the Jeep Avenger, will begin the model renewal programme and was set to be called the Brennero. However, that name was ruled out by Mesonero-Romanos: “The model name is now decided. it will be Italian and it will be beautiful. But more than that, I cannot say for now.”

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