2022 Alfa Romeo GTV leaked image shows high performance coupe

3 years, 10 months ago - 2 April 2019, Autoblog
2022 Alfa Romeo GTV leaked image shows high performance coupe
Hybrid is expected to have 600 horsepower

Alfa Romeo declared it was going to bring back the GTV name with a high-performance hybrid car last summer at its five-year plan conference. We got a teaser then, but this leaked image is the first we've heard of the car since. Initially appearing on the Italian Club Alfa website, the GTV is looking a bit different than the first teaser we saw. The image reportedly originates from an official Alfa Romeo event, lending some credibility to the representation of the car we see here.

It does indeed have the coupe bodystyle we surmised before. We're getting a grand tourer vibe from the styling right now, especially in knowing Alfa plans on giving the GTV 600 horsepower. The power will most likely come from the 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 hooked up to some form of hybrid electric system. We've been told to expect all-wheel drive, torque vectoring and a 50/50 weight distribution for the GTV, along with a short electric-only range.

Alfa's Giorgio platform was designed with electrification in mind, so this car will certainly ride on those underpinnings. That's great to hear, because the Giulia and Stelvio are both dynamic standouts in their respective classes. A great-looking Alfa Romeo is almost a given, and our first look at the side profile of this car does not disappoint. It looks a lot like how we'd imagine a thoroughly redesigned Giulia coupe might take shape. There's definitely room in the back for a couple of cramped rear seats, but this car looks like it's meant to take on other luxury grand tourers like the Lexus LC500 and BMW 8 Series.

The GTV is set to be joined by a new 8C supercar with even more horsepower in 2022. That vehicle will also be using a hybrid powertrain. Both these cars are still a few years from production, but we may just see a concept or two at auto shows leading up to their eventual reveals.

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