2020 Honda E Shows Off Its Dual 12.3-inch Touchscreens

4 years, 9 months ago - 30 July 2019, motor1
2020 Honda E Shows Off Its Dual 12.3-inch Touchscreens
The dashboard incorporates three additional screens – one for the instrument cluster and two for the camera-based mirrors.

As cars get more and more technology, the size of the screen inside the cabin increases as the years go by. The 2020 Honda E is on another level since, despite its petite dimensions, the car comes with a dashboard that accommodates a total of five screens. The outer ones – measuring six inches each – show footage grabbed by the standard-fit side cameras, while the one in front of the driver is the all-digital instrument cluster with an 8.8-inch diagonal.

Honda has now released a new video that highlights the two main touchscreens in the middle of the dashboard that measure 12.3 inches each. It demonstrates how easy it's to simply drag and drop tiles from one display to the other and browse through tabs like we're all doing on our smartphones. There's a nifty "Vehicle Settings" section providing a 360-degree video of the electric car and facilitating access to functions such as the door/window setup, keyless access, driver's position, and more.

Speaking of keyless access, the Honda E will come with something called a digital key, which effectively turns your smartphone into a key as you'll be using an app to lock and unlock the vehicle. You can even program the digital key to send you alerts whenever the vehicle is moved without your knowledge outside of its pre-established geo-fence zone.

The video is less than one minute and a half long, but it's enough to provide an idea of how complex yet easy-to-use the infotainment system is going to be. "Complex" because it bundles a lot of functions, from Bluetooth audio and multi-view camera to HDMI connectivity and a smartphone-like personal assistant. There's also an app center from where drivers will be able to download even more apps to further boost the infotainment's capabilities.

We think it's a good idea that Honda has decided to retain quick-access physical buttons and knobs for the climate control settings, and you'll notice there are a few more of those right below the left-side touchscreen. In addition, the steering wheel incorporates additional buttons and switches, while the lower area of the center console holds the HDMI and USB ports together with the power outlets.

Honda is happy to remind us it has already received about 36,000 "expressions of interest" for the all-electric E, which will be unveiled in production guise later this year. 

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