1970 Morgan Plus 4 Packs Honda S2000 Power

2 years, 7 months ago - 28 August 2021, motor1
1970 Morgan Plus 4 Packs Honda S2000 Power
The perfect blend of new and old.

Do you want a car that offers classic styling and a modern powertrain? Well then, this Bring A Trailer auction is perfect for you. Welcome to the Honda S2000 powered 1907 Morgan Plus 4 roadster. This unique build is the perfect combination of unique styling and one of the best modern 4-cylinder engines ever built. If you want to add this incredible build to your garage you better act fast as the auction ends later this week.

The blend of new and old is one of the most exciting formulas in the world of cars. When it comes to cars some things were simply better in the old days, while other aspects of cars have seen significant improvement. In general, older cars are usually smaller, lighter, and have more iconic styling when compared to modern cars. Modern cars are usually more powerful, comfortable, and reliable compared to their predecessors.

To combine the best of both worlds, this 1970 Morgan Plus 4 keeps its styling but ditches its stock engine for a modern masterpiece. Known as the Honda F20C this high revving 2.0-liter is one of the most exciting modern engines ever made. Built to celebrate Honda’s success in Formula One, the F20C found in the AP1 S2000 revved all the way to a 9,000rpm redline and produced 247 horsepower. This expressive engine is the perfect swap for the Morgan Plus 4 as it adds even more excitement and character to a car already dripping with personality.

This complete built retains the S2000’s 6-speed manual transmission and adds dual wishbone front suspension, a limited-slip differential, and an upgraded suspension. The classic styling is retained for both the interior and exterior making this Morgan Plus 4 a true sleeper.

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