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2015' Volvo V40

2015' Volvo V40 photo #1
2015' Volvo V40 photo #2
2015' Volvo V40 photo #3
2015' Volvo V40 photo #4
2015' Volvo V40 photo #5
2015' Volvo V40 photo #6
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Body: Sedan
Age: 8 years
Mileage: 90000 km
Displacement: 1560 cc
Fuel: Diesel
Exterior color: Blue

These are the details that make the difference and justify the price of this car:
Year: 2015;
Km: 90,000;
Upholstery: Leather;
Driver's seat: Electric adjustment with three memory positions;
Friezes: Aluminium;
Painting: Excellent;
General condition: Excellent:
Mechanics: checked according to the parameters below, with validated controls, in "Good Condition", "Good", and/or "Ok" mode:
Braking Mechanism, Tires, Front Braking, Rear Braking, Front Ball Joints, Front Shock Absorbers, Rear Shock Absorbers, Bearings, Transmission, Load Circuit, Exhaust, Oil Change, Signalling, Electronics, Gearbox, Engine Compartment, Miscellaneous.
This report is reproduced in the photographs and can be provided, on request, to any interested parties.
No dents, dents, scratches or accidents.
Garage car.
Review of the 80,000 km (Volvo recommendation), made on 04/06/2023;
In addition to the standard equipment, the following stand out:
- Leather upholstery (excellent condition);
- Driver's seat with electrical adjustment;
- Driver's seat with three memory positions - the memory positions include the adjustment of the exterior mirrors, the lumbar backrest and the seat forward - For each driver, his settings;
- Aluminum side strips;
- Center console with sliding lid;
- Integrated GPS with updated maps;
- Front tyres: New at 89,200 km (supporting invoice);
- Tires, rear: In good condition;
- Brake pads, front: New at 89,200 km (Proofing invoice);
- Brake pads, rear: In good condition;
- Excellent exterior and interior condition;
- Electronic manual (function menu);
- No accidents;
- Non Smoking;
- Double command;
- It can be seen in Alverca do Ribatejo, after prior contact;
- Supply of more photographs or detailed photographs upon request.

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