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2004' Subaru Legacy

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Body: Wagon
Age: 18 years
Mileage: 331596 km
Displacement: 1994 cc
Fuel: LPG
Exterior color: Grey

Vehicle in impeccable condition for its age, everything the vehicle has is working correctly, there is absolutely nothing that is malfunctioning or inoperative, it has had a general overhaul to make another 300 thousand, took all the engine consumables, belts, filters, bearings, timing belt, belt tensioner, water pump, clutch disc, liquids, oil, valve, the four wheel bearings, four new tires, brake discs and pads, all the material was original (Depot Comercial ), I put everything necessary for me to make another 300 thousand rested.

It has the green inspection without any annotation until 2023, it was carried out on 03/21/2022, the IUC has been paid until 04/2023.

One owner car and garage, it's all original, never crashed and the engine has never been opened, there's no oil or lubricant leaks, it's still tight by the Japanese, never had any engine problems and it won't even have given that the Atmospheric EJ20 engine has no turbo problems or overheating, they are engines that were made to do many kilometers without breakdowns.

In addition to the AWD 50/50 all-wheel drive, it has High/Low gearboxes like all-terrain vehicles, a feature that only Subaru legacy vans have.

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  • Aveiro
  • 10 September 2022
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