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2020' Renault Twingo

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Age: 2 years
Mileage: 4500 km
Fuel: Electric
Exterior color: Green

A modern and dynamic design, elegantly sculpted lines that give it a distinct character… The electric Twingo Life affirms your personality and drives your day to day. Show the colors of the tram!

Set off for a driving experience that combines dynamism and serenity, without noise or vibrations!

Renault Twingo Life with 200kms of autonomy. Version with light sensors and much more....possibility of financing up to 120 months with or without down payment.

Byrd® Advantages:

– IUC = 0 euro.

– Autonomy = Up to 200 km.

– Super low maintenance cost.

Warranty and Benefits Byrd®:

– We help you choose the most suitable charger (domestic or public)

– Full 18 month warranty.

– Financing for up to 120 months at the best market rates.

Are you going to stay out? You already have a place on the test drive. See you soon.

  • 962Show phone
  • Braga
  • 16 August 2022
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