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2017' BMW i3

2017' BMW i3 photo #1
2017' BMW i3 photo #2
2017' BMW i3 photo #3
2017' BMW i3 photo #4
2017' BMW i3 photo #5
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Age: 6 years
Mileage: 55620 km
Fuel: Electric
Exterior color: Black

GesMobility, Lda
Mobility Management is the basic concept that gave rise to the name Gesmobility. The term, translated, reveals the organization's mission: ability to adapt to new mobility concepts and prompt response to the needs of new customers, more demanding from a technological point of view, time management and perspective in terms of usefulness, use and automobile ownership. Proudly created by the employees of an organization that is over 80 years old, GesMo wants to start a new cycle. It wants to be the benchmark in quantitative and qualitative performance within the Ford dealership network. It wants to propose mobility and car service solutions that make it a unique and authentically different proposal in the market.

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