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2017' BMW 220 D Pack M

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Body: Coupe
Age: 7 years
Mileage: 198000 km
Displacement: 1995 cc
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: Grey

Premium selection vehicle
official BMW warranty 24 months
The BMW 220d Coupé is more powerful with the 2-liter engine.
If in the past more power meant less economy, today this is not the case and it is therefore normal to find more powerful engines without this implying more costs for consumption and emissions. This is what happens with this more muscular version of BMW's well-known 2-liter engine, which has been gaining more and more power, that is, power and more genius at intermediate speeds, which are the most used on a daily basis.
One of the strongest points of this model is its dynamics, with emphasis on rear-wheel drive, where the tires are wider than those at the front. The very direct steering also accurately interprets the trajectories, which awakens a great desire to go quickly without the 220d Coupé's reactions causing unpleasant surprises. The tendency for the rear axle to generate some drift is easily controlled by the steering or by the effective intervention of active aids, mainly traction control.
The unit presented has the highest equipment, and installs from scratch the new version of the engine data map, increasing power by 15 kW, torque and starting force, without increasing consumption in the normal cycle.
The development was carried out in accordance with the high requirements of the BMW Group, namely in terms of quality and safety proven in long-term tests. Original reference BMW kit 11 12 2 293 936. Value 1,100.91 euros, increasing power up to 210 CVS!!!!!!.
BMW services with: 1kms, 17794kms,25828kms,51570kms,58619kms,59218kms,100349kms,100805kms,103128kms,114539kms,115781kms,130265kms,153055kms,160577kms,1 61235kms,185711kms,188489kms,etc,,,,,). SEE PHOTOS BMW REPORT. HAS 36 SERVICE INSPECTIONS AT BMW!!!!.
2.0L Euro 6 engine.
0337 Sports kit M
07LF Modell M Sport
0843 Performance
LEDE LCL5 leather kit in competition red.
0704 sports suspension M
0710 leather sports steering wheel M
0481 M sports seats
0715 M Technic aerodynamic kit (complete with front lip, carbon canards, side sills, mirrors, rear spoiler, diffuser, double carbon tips, etc.).
04AE supportsb. retractable
04WG Alum. hexagon high gloss black tone
0502 headlight cleaning system.
0508 parking distance system
0520 fog light
0522 xenon lights
0534 Bi-zone air conditioning
0544 controllable system. cross with braking function
0563 lighting kit
05DC folding headrests.
0606 business navigation system
0676 HIFI speaker system
06AC smart emergency call
06AE Teleservices
06NS comfort phone with smartphone complete.
0431 Sun protection glass
0432 Functional rear view mirror anti-glare.
0216 power steering -servotronic-
021A 19" rims M461 M
0249 multifunction steering wheel
0258 Tires with emergency travel characteristics
02VB tire pressure
0760 super shiny shadow line
0775 Anthracite roof lining
08TF active pedestrian protection
0398 LED rear lights.
frosted glass, dark front headlights, automatic lights, ECOPRO-COMFORT-SPORT-SPORT + modes, sports dials, leather handbrake, etc.....
available at the Vila do Conde stand. we make recoveries. Financing for up to 120 months with no down payment. territorial shipping.

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