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2008' Audi TT

2008' Audi TT photo #1
2008' Audi TT photo #2
2008' Audi TT photo #3
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Body: Convertible
Age: 15 years
Mileage: 197000 km
Displacement: 1984 cc
Fuel: LPG
Exterior color: Grey

The equipment
Those who already know us know that all MS Automóveis vehicles are hand selected by our family. Our perfectionism and allowing allow us to have cars with a superior level of equipment and with the best price/quality ratio.
The financing
We are a company certified and registered with the Bank of Portugal as credit intermediaries, with the possibility of financing up to 120 months, with no down payment, at the best rates on the market! We have a partnership with 4 car credit entities, which results in a greater range of options to choose from and a higher approval rate!
The Car Spa
At our car stand, you have the opportunity to have a professional who closely monitors your vehicle throughout the entire process, from selection to after-sales service. Have you ever imagined that your car could spend a day at the spa? In our after-sales workshop, we take into account all the details and take care of your new car as if it were part of the family, always with the inclusion of certified and total guarantees of up to 48 months.
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